Regardless of your gender, race or disability, you are guaranteed the right to fair minimum wage pay under federal law. Several statutes have been put into place to prohibit compensation discrimination, including the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) and the Americans with Disability Act.

Acting as your advocate and representative, we use these laws to help establish a pattern of devious or unlawful practices that resulted in a loss of income for our clients. If, after extensive research, we’ve found that policies and actions have indeed affected your wages negatively, we will pursue the payment of unpaid minimum wage on your behalf.

Serving the state of Florida, we are tenacious in our aggressive pursuit of justice and fairness. We aim our focus on labor and wage laws and use our 35+ years of experience to ensure our clients receive what is legally due to them. From unpaid minimum wage and tips to inappropriate employment status claims, any violation of the law is handled with professionalism and care that prioritizes the needs of each individual client. We have a proven track record of helping Florida workers experience the legal results they deserve.

If you’ve experienced unpaid minimum wage or had income illegally held from you, you deserve aggressive legal representation. Don’t let your employer affect your lifestyle by limiting your income. Get what is due to you by scheduling your free, no-risk consultation with Entertainers Have Rights now.