Understanding the specific challenges of the adult entertainment industry, we have become the preferred legal team for exotic dancers and other industry workers. Utilizing decades of legal experience and knowledge of federal and state minimum wage laws, we are diligent in our fight to protect the income and livelihood of our clients.

We believe you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of what industry you choose to work in, and we’ll work to ensure your rights are protected.

Because of the nature of the business, with tips remaining a main source of income for entertainers, the possibility for unpaid minimum wages that are the result of erroneous employee status classification exceeds that of almost any other industry. Even in cases where employers were uneducated in regards to the law, we have helped our clients recover the wages that were legally due to them under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Florida Constitution. We won’t stop fighting until you’ve recovered what is rightfully yours.

Working to protect those whose voices have been silenced, we remain diligent in the protection of exotic entertainers’ rights. Demand respect. Demand your pay. Get started by scheduling your confidential legal consultation with us now.